On the Road Again

Bill and I are leaving today to travel to Bozeman, Montana. Though it appears to be a fairly easy all-interstate-all-the-way drive, we are going to take our time. We will spend tonight in the wild and crazy town of Buffalo, Wyoming. I wonder if the Buffaloites know that there are no buffaloes in the United States; only bison. I’m not going to tell them, because I’m anticipating that the town is small enough that when we walk into whatever restaurant we choose, the crowd will get quiet. And then one man wearing boots and a huge cowboy hat will approach us and say, “You ain’t from around these parts, are ya?”

We are going to Bozeman for a number of reasons. First, we are going stir-crazy. Montana has been pretty Covid-safe, so we are happy to be going someplace where we don’t have to worry too much. Second, we will be visiting our daughter-in-law Jll’s sister, who lives in Bozeman, and we are looking forward to seeing her. Third, our trip will include a visit to Yellowstone National Park, where I’m hoping to run into Yogi Bear. Fourth, and most important, we will get to see our granddaughters Dagny Tess and Maggie Faith who have spent the summer with their Aunt Julie, and are making no noises about coming home. If they won’t come to us, we will come to them.

Over this week, my blogging might be hit-or-miss. I hope to at least post some photos of our trip.

We will be back in town on Sunday. Enjoy your week.

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