Saturday Smile: I Can’t Find It Anywhere

You know the old tale about the old person who can’t find their glasses only to realize they are either wearing them or they are on the top of their heads. Actually, if you’re a Baby Boomer, you know it’s not a tale, but instead, it’s reality.

The other day, Bill and I were walking into Walmart. I began rooting in my purse for my face mask. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I stopped and began seriously looking. Bill kept walking, until he realized I wasn’t following him.

“What’s the matter”? he asked me.

“%&*^%((&$$*A),”I responded. “I can’t find my damn mask.”

He paused for a moment. “Do you mean the one that’s on your face?” he asked.

Yep. That’d be the one. Just one more sign that the mask is becoming like second skin. Yuck…..

Have a great weekend.


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