Red, White, and Blue

We had a marvelous, really better than marvelous, Independence Day weekend. We spent the Fourth with Jen, who is being visited by her daughter Maggie and her family…..

In these photos, we are patiently awaiting the flyover parade of old airplanes. We saw about 14 or 15 planes flying in formation.

We ate our meal and finished off — as tradition dictates — by a banana split bar. Lilly and Austin are masters…..

Their great uncle Bill considered himself no amateur. However, Lilly set him straight. She asked to see his bowl. When he showed it to her, she announced firmly, “That isn’t enough ice cream. You need to go back.” And so he did…..

We set off a few fireworks in the driveway…..

…..and then watched Lilly set up her “grand finale,” which consisted of an entire box of Pops which she then ran over with her scooter…..

Our day concluded as we all watched the fireworks offered by Fort Collins and all of the surrounding farm communities from our fourth floor window in the Hilton Garden Hotel.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see Allen and Emma (we had not yet seen them since we’ve been home). Our weekend concluded with a delicious meal of eggplant parmesan and chicken parmesan, prepared by Court and Alyx…..

Kaiya had not a thing to do with the preparation of the meal, but she seems to be ready to take the credit!

It was a wonderful weekend, and an appropriate celebration of the birth of our country.

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