Saturday Smile: Wood-en It Be Nice

For the past couple of years, Bill has been cutting down trees in our backyard that have gone to that big forest in the sky. He dutifully chops up the wood and and adds it to our big pile. The problem is that we rarely light our fireplace because we live in AZ in the winter. So the wood just sits there, seasoning. I have talked about putting something on Next Door about free firewood, but I was too scared. Those people are MEAN.

Anyway, we found a way to get rid of most of our wood pile…..

The David McLain family — or at least half of them — are going up camping this weekend. “Dave likes to play with fire,” Jll said.

Done. But as Smokey the Bear would say, “Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.”

Happy Independence Day! #improudtobeanamerican

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