Thursday Thoughts

Heading North
Bill and I have moved forward in making plans to return to Denver. Though things are still rather up in the air, I have made reservations at a hotel in Albuquerque that seems to be open for business. Tentatively, we plan on leaving Saturday, May 2, and arrive in Denver on Monday, May 4. Bill has a doctor’s appointment on May 6, so we are there under the wire. It will be nice to be looking at a new set of walls.

Lone Star State BBQ 
The other morning, Bill and I went for a drive. We didn’t go far, but east of here is a community called Gold Canyon that sort of nestles up to Superstition Mountain. I had walked the Hieroglyphics Trail with a friend before we were in lock-down, and we drove up to the trailhead. The trail, of course, was closed, but the drive to and from was pretty. We had talked about where we would have lunch, thinking probably drive-thru fast food. Suddenly we noticed a food truck on the side of the road…..

The truck is run by a retired couple from Texas. We bought some barbecue from a safe distance. I asked them how business was going. To my surprise, they said it was going GREAT. “We’re sell out every night,” Charlie said. Good for them.

God Bless Technology
Day before yesterday, I got a text from Jen in the afternoon. “What are you doing?” she asked me. I generally don’t do much, but as it happened, I was working on my blog. “Call me when you’re finished,” she said. “I want to have a cocktail party with you and Bill. And so we did. We sat outside. Bill smoked a cigar and drank a beer. I had an ice cold martini. We FT’d Jen, who was drinking a cosmo. And we talked to each other like we were in the same room. It felt good to connect in that way. Bec has dinner every Friday night via FT with her daughter Kate who lives in Las Vegas. We gather as we can.

Which Sweat Pants Should I Wear? 
As part of our preparation to go home, we needed an oil change. We did some research and learned that Jiffy Lube was doing oil changes in which you just stayed in your car. Boom. It felt good to be out. In fact, I texted my sisters and said We’re at Jiffy Lube. I put on earrings. I feel like I’m on a date. Bec’s response? I did a curbside pickup for some bird seed yesterday. I thought about putting on formal attire. 

Very Grand Granddaughter 
We always have someone mow our grass just before we get home. That way Bill doesn’t have a jungle to face. In the past, we have hired a lawn service to do the work. But on a whim, I called Jll and asked if any of the kids would like to mow our lawn. Within an hour, I got this photo that was sent to me by Maggie Faith of her sister Dagny mowing our back yard. Hip hip, hoooo-ray!…..


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