Saturday Smile: The Golden Days

My calendar choice for 2020 was National Days. Not holidays like Presidents’ Day or Independence Day. Instead, according to my calendar, February 9 is National Bagel Day. February 20 is National Strawberry Day. And so forth.

Thursday was somewhat of a challenging day for all of us for a variety of reasons. So, following dinner on Thursday night, I told my peeps, “Let’s get going to Golden Spoon! It’s National Frozen Yogurt Day.”

Not only was it National Frozen Yogurt Day, but Golden Spoon gives half off to veterans. All veterans. Even those who haven’t served in 40 years. Yay Bill. So, here’s how Bill and Jen and I ended our Thursday…..

We left the store in much better moods. Guess who had the large sundae?

Have a great weekend.

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