Friday Book Whimsy: Season of Storms

In years past, I’ve read a couple of books by author Susan Kearsley, and I’ve liked what I’ve read. But for some reason, I always hesitate to start a new book written by Ms. Kearsley. It’s puzzling, because I find them very readable, enjoy the settings very much and I love a good tome.  Season off Storms is no exception. It’s lengthy, and much of it takes place in Italy. The premise sounded interesting, and, in fact, I enjoyed the book immensely.

Celia Sands is an actress whose mother — also an actress — named her daughter after another actress who is also named Celia Sands. Celia’s mother is not — and never has been — terribly interested in being a mother. Hence, Celia is mostly brought up by Rupert and his life partner Bryan, who love her dearly.

Celia comes home one day to find a letter inviting her to star in a play written back in 1921 by an Italian poet named Galeazzo D’Ascanio for his lover, the actress Celia Sands (Celia’s namesake). The play is finally being staged by D’Ascanio’s grandson Alessandro. Celia is puzzled by the invitation, but when she learns the play will be directed by her foster father Rupert, she agrees to travel to the isolated Italian villa to begin working on the play.

She soon learns that one of the others in the play is a famous actress whose husband was stolen by Celia’s mother, and Celia fears there will be no love lost between the two of them.

The novel is filled with interesting people and story lines that intermingle. It makes for a really good novel to read while drinking a glass of Italian red wine. Not that I would do that…..

I recommend this book.

Here is a link to the book.