Thursday Thoughts

On the Mend
Jen is slowly, but surely, getting around the house. She had her first physical therapy session yesterday morning. The physical therapist came to the house to offer his special brand of torture. The therapist also shared the cheerful news that Friday and/or Saturday would be her toughest day, pain-wise. Yay. Something to look forward to.

Showers Bringing Flowers
Day before yesterday was a very unusual day in the Valley of the Sun, er, Rain. It drizzled on and off (mostly on) all day long. The skies were gray and the sound of the rain on the roof filled our ears. We didn’t care because we hadn’t a single place to go. Still, I find the gray skies more depressing here than I do in Denver for some reason. I think because it’s SUPPOSED to be sunny in the desert.

Lemon Tree, Very Pretty
Our very active neighbors spent their rainy day baking, and we were the beneficiaries. It’s lemon season here in AZ, and so she delivered some homemade lemon poppy seed bread. Nothing relieves the pain of surgery like the tart, yet sugary sweetness of homemade lemon loaf…..

At the Movies
It’s the time of the year when Bill — because he is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild — screens many of the movies that have been deemed award-worthy. We haven’t had a chance to watch many yet. Harriet — about former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman — was good, if sloooow. Still, what an amazing story. The other movie we watched was The Joker. It’s impossible for me to tell you just how much I disliked that movie. It was dark and immensely disturbing. Just what Hollywood loves. It will win ALL the awards.




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