Why I Give Thanks….

….not just on Thanksgiving, but every day…..

Early last week, the entire McLain/Scates clan went to a place near downtown Denver called Ace Eat Serve, where we ate delicious Asian appetizers and played ping pong. Well, at least some of us played ping pong.

The day before Thanksgiving, Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole visited. We decorated the angel tree in my living room…..

The kids then helped me set up my nativity scene, while we talked about the real meaning of Christmas…..

By then, it was time to collect some of the freshly fallen snow…..

…..and make snow cream by mixing the snow with sweetened condensed milk and a little vanilla, and enjoying the fruits of labor…..

Thanksgiving day was chilly and clear, a perfect day for giving thanks for the gift of family. As usual, the food was stupendous. I provided pies, with help this year from Kaiya…..

Mylee and Micah hit it off for many reasons, not the least of which is that they both have stuffed animals that are their besties…..

It’s only every couple of years that I have the opportunity to be with all of my grandchildren. I took advantage of that gathering with a photo…..

Both Bec and Jen were with us for our Thanksgiving feast, and the next couple of days as well. Spending time with our family and watching our grandkids playing together is why I give thanks.

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