Thursday Thoughts

King Soopers Was Happy to See Me
We hadn’t even been home for 24 hours, and I already had visited the grocery store three times. The last week or so that we were in AZ, I scarcely cooked because I didn’t want any leftovers. So I was determined to avoid going out to eat for awhile. Tuesday night we had spaghetti and last night I made beef stew. Both were yummy. But I must be out of practice because last night’s beef stew required a couple of trips to the grocery store. I kept thinking I had things in my pantry that I didn’t.

You Know You’re From Nebraska When…..
A friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook. It’s an actual photograph of something a Nebraska farmer has done to a bale of hay. I think it is the cutest thing ever. I wonder if I could have a bale delivered to our house right in the middle of Denver. I also imagine I could hear our neighbors say, “My, it is so nice when they’re gone.”…..

Baby You Can Drive My Car
My driver’s license expires on my December birthday. I have been so nervous that I would forget to renew it and return to AZ with my old license. Since I’m now over 65, I can’t simply renew online. I need to appear in person so that they can judge whether I am fit to drive. I hope they don’t ask me to name any Christmas movies, because I already know those names escape me. Anyhoo, I went online to see where the nearest location was, and found one not far from here. They will only see people by appointment. When I went to make my appointment, I learned that they are way out past my December 14 birthday when it comes to available time. So I guess I’m going to do it the old fashioned way this afternoon. Pull a number and sit in the beige room with all of the other crabby people.

Wet Floor
While I came home to an empty refrigerator and pantry, Bill came home to water on the floor by the furnace. Dang. When you own a house, it’s always something. When you own two houses, it’s always something times two. We called for service, and they came out within a couple of hours. I’m pleased to report that it was simply a missing small plug which Bill and his new friend found in a garbage can. I don’t know how that happened. What I do know is that our grandkids LOVE to play hide and seek, and the basement is a favorite hiding spot. Anyway, it was only 80 bucks instead of thousands of bucks. Yay on that.


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  1. I had to renew my drivers license last year in which I also had to go in and update my 20 something picture to my now 40 something face. The experience was so stereotypical it was ridiculous. The woman who took my pic was SO CRABBY she yelled at me then took my pic when I wasnt ready and I now have a drivers license that looks like a mug shot. Good luck, Kris!

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