Home For the Holidays

Our trip from Mesa to Denver was fairly uneventful. Our niece Maggie changed hats from Mom Seeing Her Kids Off On The School Bus to Uber Driver For Her Aunt And Uncle. She picked us up as planned at 7:30 a.m., and drove like a bat out of hell to get us dropped off at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport before she had to head to her job. Parents today have to be masterful multitaskers, and she’s one of the best.

She told us that Austin and Lilly are simply flummoxed, and frankly quite annoyed, about us leaving AZ for Denver. “They haven’t been here that long,” Austin complained. Maggie explained that we wanted to be with our family for the holidays. They both apparently grudgingly allowed that, as long as we came back after Christmas. And brought their grammie with us. Done and done.

Our flight to Denver was uneventful. Getting through Security was another story altogether. Bill was poked, wanded, prodded, patted down, and grilled. I think Osama Bin Laden would have had an easier time than he had getting through Security. And Bill is even TSA-Pre-Approved. It’s the danged medical pump. That, and the fact that they were training a new TSA agent. Bill provided a teachable moment. I felt that two times was at least one time to many for the agent to conduct a search of Bill’s most intimate parts. One more time, and I think they might have been engaged.

It was good to be back in Denver. The weather cooperated, with temperatures in the 60s. The next few days in AZ are going to be rainy. That’s good for the water supply, but I’m not sorry to miss that particular weather event. The meteorologists were more than twitterpated by the weather outlook for the next few days. They get tired of saying tomorrow’s weather will be sunny and hot all the time. Having said that, the next few days here in Denver are supposed to be cold and snowy. Bundle up!

As for me, I could hardly wait to get into my bed last night. For one thing, we got up really early to catch our Maggie-Uber. But mostly I just looked forward to the comfortable (and king-sized) mattress. Judging by the fact that I had back issues for our entire time in Mesa, it looks like a new bed is in store for us at that house as well.

Today, after a good night’s sleep, I hope to see some of our family.

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