Thursday Thoughts

Shopped ’til We Dropped
I only gave birth to one child, and that child was a boy. As such, I have had little chance in my life to shop for girls’ clothes. It’s true that I have five granddaughters, but for various reasons, I haven’t had much opportunity to shop with/for them. So it was with great glee that I took Dagny shopping for school clothes on Monday. It was her birthday gift from us. Given that her birthday was August 7, I think it was about time we shopped. We had a wonderful time together. I wasn’t able to buy a lot of pretty dresses since she is much more drawn to athletic clothes and Van sneakers. Still, we had a blast.

We Should Be Dancin’, Yeah
The first night we got to Montpelier, Micah took it upon himself to try and teach his papa to dance via a video of some sort. Bill gave it his all, and I, for one, was simply happy that he didn’t put his back…..

Chicken Little
You sort of forget what all comes with a move to a new abode. Heather and Lauren not only moved their kids and their home furnishings, etc., but they had to move their chickens. They bought a new chicken coop, and erected it in the perfect spot in their new back yard. I went with Heather to gather the six chickens from the old house, and this, my friends, was no easy task. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to move necessarily. It’s just that when humans approach chickens, the chickens get a mite nervous that they may be that night’s dinner. At any rate, we gathered them into boxes (and when I say we, I mean Heather) and drove them to their new digs. As they were released from the boxes, I pointed out that Heather hadn’t yet put in the fences. No, I’m going to go get the chicken wire right now at the old house, she told me. What are you going to do with the chickens right now, I wondered. Oh, they’ll just stick right around here. They won’t leave the corner of this yard, she assured me. She and Lauren left, and maybe a half hour later, I looked out the front window. To my surprise, there were three or four chickens wandering around the yard. The front yard, that is. I went outside and tried to shoo them to the back yard, but they basically said you aren’t the boss of me. At one point, a dog walker said, “Did I just see a chicken walk by?” The good news is that eventually, all six chickens were gathered safely and put in their new home — WITH A FENCE…..

All Maple Syrup, All the Time
Vermonters are serious about their maple syrup. I recall recently when Joseph and Micah were visiting Denver. They looked at a jar of maple syrup, and with a sneer, said, “This maple syrup is from…..Canada.” At any rate, I couldn’t help but shoot this photo at a restaurant at which we ate lunch while in Montpelier. Maple syrup anyone?…..


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