Monday Musings

Makeup Work
I didn’t offer my Thursday Thoughts last week for a variety of reasons. I’m always surprised at the fact that people tell me they miss my Thursday Thoughts, because my thoughts are not very profound. Nevertheless, to make up for having no thoughts last week, I am providing musings today.

Birthday Laughs
Bill celebrated his birthday on Saturday, and as part of his celebration, we went to see comedian Tom Papa at the Comedy Works with Dave and Jll. He was absolutely hilarious, making me laugh so hard I had tears! His opening act was also extremely funny, but unfortunately, I can’t recall her name. I liked many things about him, not the least of which is that his comedy routine is clean. I’m not a prude, but sometimes I think that comedians use sex and profanity because they don’t want to be more creative.

More Birthday Fun
To continue the birthday celebration, Court and his family came over for cake and ice cream last night. Good birthday celebrations run several days. Earlier in the day, I took the kids to see Abominable, which was a real treat. Afterwards, Cole wanted to go in the photo booth they provide in which you can get a photo taken for a mere five bucks. We’ll do a selfie when we get home, I told him…..

Who knew that my hair would be sticking straight up in the air?

I Could Always Walk Backwards
As I was getting ready for church yesterday morning, I was putting on my makeup. I rarely wear makeup except to church. Even then, as I look in the mirror, I often don’t really see myself. But yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that the new cardigan sweater I was wearing looked nice. The buttons are laying so flat, I thought to myself. Until I noticed that they were laying so flat because I had the sweater on backwards. Before you start envisioning me in some sort of acrobatic movement to button the sweater, I must tell you that I pulled it over my head while buttoned. I was extremely thankful to have noticed this because I can think of almost nothing that would have been more embarrassing. Oy vey.

Far Away Places
Bill and I are leaving on Wednesday (assuming the weather cooperates) for our fall visit to AZ. We’re going to drive so that we can take all of our summer clothes which we no longer need here but will need in AZ. We always think we won’t bring much, and then once we pack up our car, we look like the Beverly Hillbillies. We are taking it very slow this time, turning what most people do in one day into a three-day trip. Why not? We’re retired. We will fly back sometime before Thanksgiving, as usual.


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