Saturday Smile: Shut Up Reba!

My yellow bug is a 2003, with just over 97,000 miles. It has a cassette player and a AM/FM radio. I have no built-in GPS; there is no blue tooth, Sirius radio is nonexistent. It’s okay. I get along fine listening to sports radio and two of my favorite country stations.

I’m telling you this because of a phenomenon that happened to me this past weekend while we were in Vermont. We had a nice rental car, an upgrade from a midsize car to an SUV. One day while we were there, I took Joseph and Micah to the Montshire Museum, about an hour away in Norwich, VT. Bill was busy hammering and using power tools, so I was on my own.

I wasn’t terribly worried about finding the museum despite the fact that T-Mobile (which happens to be my carrier) hasn’t realized yet that Vermont exists. I had only snippets of cell service during our entire trip. But the museum’s website had given directions, which I wrote down, and it seemed very easy.

And it was. I found the museum without any problems. By the way, as we traveled towards the museum, we solved the world’s problems. How do you think we could end war in the world I asked them, for example. Micah’s answer?  He decided the country that would rule the world would be determined by a football game. You know, Russia v. the United States. Whichever country’s team won would rule the world for that year. Hey. There are flaws in his system, but we adults aren’t doing that great a job right now.

Anyway, when it was time to return home, I realized that I wasn’t sure exactly how to go. While their website told me how to get to the museum, it didn’t tell me how to get home. Sure, most people would just turn the paper upside down and go back the way they came. Don’t laugh, but I have absolutely no sense of direction. But the good news was I had cell service. So I plugged my phone (which was low in battery power from taking pictures and video) into the car and set Google Maps to tell me how to go.

Here’s where the technology with which I am wholly unfamiliar (see above, my car is two sound systems behind most cars) came into play. Because every time the Google voice would give me an instruction, a song from my Apple Tunes library would come on. And it wasn’t even a good song. It was one of my least favorite Reba McIntyre songs. I would turn it off, but as soon as the voice spoke again, Reba was back. I know there is a way to manage this mayhem, but I don’t know what it is. What I do know, however, is that there were two boys in the back seat who nearly peed their pants from laughing at their Nana’s situation, and her sheer inability to fix the problem.

There laughter made me laugh, and it still does when I think about it.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Why does iTunes always pick the worst songs when it takes over Bluetooth? Christmas music in June, anyone? 😂

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