Ghost Story

For birthdays this year, instead of tangible items, I have tended to gift experiences instead. Experiences that include time with me. For example, Cole chose to go to the Children’s Museum preceded by a sushi lunch…..

For her birthday treat, Mylee chose Elitch Garden’s Amusement Park, and brought along her best friend Ella…..

When it came time for Kaiya to select an activity, she was frankly kind of stumped. She’s too grown up for the Children’s Museum, and Elitch’s is closed for the season. A museum visit didn’t catch her fancy. There hasn’t been a movie that she has wanted to see.

The days and weeks went by, and her birthday was getting further and further in the rear view mirror. One day, however, I had a EUREKA moment. Kaiya and her dad share a love for scary movies, something I despise. But what about a ghost tour?

I looked online and found a tour that got good reviews and appeared to be family-friendly. I made the suggestion, and she accepted. We were on for a visit with the ghosts.

When Court was 10 or 11 years old, Bill and I took him to a ghost tour during which we learned stories about all of the haunted houses and buildings in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. The tour started in the Molly Brown house, where we learned all about the spirits that visit that house regularly and continued on towards the state Capitol, hearing ghost stories along the way. I remember the stories terrified Court. Heck, they should have. He was just a kid. Frankly, the stories scared the hell out of all three of us.

This particular tour with Kaiya took us on the other end of the downtown area, to the area not far from Coors Field. It was in this area that Denver’s founder, General William Larimer decided to settle way back in 1858. He sought permission from Kansas Territorial Governor Denver via a letter, hoping to sway him by naming the new settlement Denver. By the time the letter reached Gov. Denver, he was no longer governor. Nevertheless, apparently Larimer already had stationary printed up, because he kept that name, a fact about which I’m glad because there could have been far worse names. Stinkeyville, for example.

Anyway, our tour began at the Tivoli Brewery on the Auraria campus, home to several higher education facilities including Metropolitan State University, our local urban college. It took us through lower downtown, which, during the time of General Larimer, would have consisted primarily of saloons and brothels. But those prostitutes have stuck around, because our ghost meters kept indicating the existence of spooky friends. I took several photos, but no ghosts turned up mysteriously in my pictures.

At the end of the day, this young lady who found The Sixth Sense to be only mildly scary enjoyed the time with her Nana Kris and Papa Bill, even if we didn’t encounter any ghosts directly…..

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