Will You Be Needing Anything Else, M’Lord?

Sometime in January 2011, I got a phone call from my sister Jen.

“There’s a television show that I think you and Bill would like,” she said. “It’s on PBS, and it’s called  Downton Abbey.

I had not heard a single word about such a program, but as she described it, I thought it sounded interesting and worth checking out. She was only half right, however, when she said  Bill and I  would like the program. His eyes glazed over even as I was simply describing the program. The only impact he had on what quickly became my Downton Abbey obsession took place after Matthew and Lady Mary FINALLY got their act together and got married. (It is here that I place a spoiler alert; however, I think it’s safe to assume that anyone who is interested in Downton Abbey already knows everything there is to know about the Crawleys.) At the beginning of that season, Bill was reading his news feed, and casually said, “Oh, so Matthew gets killed in a car wreck at the end of this season, huh?”

“Whaaaaat?” I screamed, because the season had just started. The entire season was ruined. He never again volunteered a single word about Downton Abbey.

I, along with an enormous number of others, faithfully turned on our televisions on Sunday nights during the six Downton Abbey seasons and laughed and cried and worried and fretted right along with Lord and Lady Granthem, as well as their downstairs staff. Oh, such drama.

And then the program came to a conclusion. A delicious conclusion that tied up all the loose ends and allowed nearly everyone — upstairs and downstairs — to finally live happily ever after.

Flash forward to 2019. Six or more months ago, the Big Announcement was made: There was to be a Downton Abbey movie. Oh joy! Oh happiness! Another delightful helping of Lady Violet, the dowager countess of Granthem. I, along with other Downton Abbey lovers (which includes my two sisters), marked our calendars for September 20, and dreamed of spending a bit more time in the company of aristocrats.

It was with this in mind that my sister Jen telephoned me six or seven weeks ago again with Downton Abbey on her mind.

“I know what I want for my birthday,” she said. “I want you and Bill to come to Fort Collins and go to see Downton Abbey with me.”

And so we did. This past Saturday, we all went to see the Movie Event of the Year. Well, to be honest, Bill probably wouldn’t call it the Movie Event of the Year. However, he only slept through the first 15 minutes. And then Lady Violet had even him under her spell.

The movie, my friends, was pure, unadulterated enjoyment. It was candy for the soul (and the eyes). Not only did you have the entire Downton crew, but throw in King George and Queen Mary as well. There was comedy. There was drama. There was romance. There was conniving. It was better than afternoon tea at the Savoy in London.

I want to go again, and this time I will only look at the costumes.

By the way, I have already committed to making it up to Bill by accompanying him to see the upcoming movie Ford v. Ferrari, which will be released on November 15. Don’t worry. I will probably only sleep through the first 15 minutes.

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  1. I have not seen the movie yet but loved the T.V. show. I can’t wait for season three of the crown either.

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