Busy Having Fun

It seems there was very little time yesterday to sit down and write a creative blog post. I was too busy breakfasting with my sister Bec who is visiting from AZ. I fit in a few chores around the house before I got a call from my granddaughter, who was the only one of the kids that was home, as the others started school yesterday, and she didn’t have to go until today. Want to hang outshe asked me, and who would say no to that? We went and got a pedicure — mine much-needed and hers much-wanted. We finished the day enjoying happy hour and dinner (fried chicken, and delicious fried chicken at that) with friends……

You have seen the t-shirt that reads My mom and dad went to Mexico and all I got is this crappy t-shirt? Well, I had a couple of days packed with fun and all you got was a dull and boring blog post.

We ate dinner at RARE Italian Restaurant in Fort Collins on Sunday night. The draw? Half-priced bottles of wine. We asked for — and received — seating by the kitchen because we all love to watch chefs do their thing.

And this was one of their things.

Last night I had a wonderful rest. Expect better things tomorrow.

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