Thursday Thoughts

Homeland Security
The other day, an intriguing post turned up on my Pinterest feed. It was an article about survival techniques for all sorts of random things. Things such as snake bites and tornadoes, but also things like mass shootings and nuclear bomb attacks. I bit, and clicked on the link. Then, the next day, another post showed up on my feed. The topic was how to become what they referred to as a gray man. Again, I bit and clicked on the link. That article was about how you can fit into crowds when you don’t want to be noticed; thus, you become a gray man. Now, I’m getting all sorts of feeds about how to hide out from people who are looking for me. I have finally gotten smart enough to stop clicking on the links. But I am undoubtedly being watched by Homeland Security at this point. If I could keep up with whomever is in charge of Homeland Security, I would plead with him or her to recognize that I am a simple girl from Nebraska, a wife, a mother, and the grandmother of nine, who makes pickles and peach pies. I haven’t the remotest desire to be a terrorist.

Summer Visitor
Bec arrived yesterday afternoon for her annual summer visit. She will be here for a few days before heading to Estes Park over the weekend. Her plans after that are to head to Fort Collins, where she has leased a VRBO in Old Town Fort Collins, where she will be able to sit on her patio with a glass of wine and watch the action in the city. I’m hoping to join her for a day or so. Her VRBO is small, but I think my sister Jen will let me crash at her house.

Summer Rain
Bec likes to come about this time every year because she (along with every other Arizonan) has had it up to here with the hot weather by now. That’s why she so enjoyed yesterday evening as we sat out on our covered patio as it rained. We didn’t have a glass of wine, but we did have a piece of peach pie. That’s even better…..

Day before yesterday was a big day at the David McLain household. Dagny (who turned 13 yesterday) and her father broke open the beehive and began harvesting the honey. I had a quick taste, and it’s as good as last year, if not better. I haven’t asked her how much honey they harvested, but they were working on filling up a big white bucket. Before you know it, D’s Bees honey will be available for sale…..


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