Summertime Fun

In her own inimitable way, my mother always greeted her kids on the 4th of July with Well, summer is half over….. . I don’t know how that landed on my siblings, but for me, it was like Death had walked into my door…..

Kaiya asked me the other day why my kitchen clock ticked. I explained that it had a minute hand, which I used for cooking and baking purposes. That’s often what makes a clock tick. When my mother would proclaim the summer half over, I began to hear that imaginary clock tick, like life had a minute hand.

The fact of the matter is that for my grandkids, the 4th of July means summer is about two/thirds over. They go back to school sometime in the middle of August. We never went back to school before Labor Day.

So, we are trying to find ways to enjoy what’s remaining of their summer. This weekend’s sleepover by Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole was one of the heading-towards-school activities. They enjoyed such Nana delights as breakfast-for-dinner, eating an entire watermelon…..

…..and having a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich for breakfast…..

What can I say? He saw Papa eating a Fat Boy as he was headed to bed the night before and wanted one at that time. I told him he had already brushed his teeth, but that he could have one in the morning. Hey! I’m the grandmother. It’s up to someone else to make the rules and pay the dental bills. I was only a little surprised that he didn’t forget my promise.

I was beginning to think that summer would be over and I still wouldn’t have a bed. However, yesterday our new king-sized bed was delivered. I washed all of my new bed linens and put them on our new bed. We moved our old bed to one of our guest rooms. Bill was putting on the new headboard when he realized he needed some smaller-sized help. He called in the Big Guns. Or should I say the Small Guns…..

How many McLains does it take to put together a bed?

Dagny and Maggie Faith were visiting Nana and Papa, and were happy to help. The truth of the matter is they were visiting Nana and Papa’s Netflix, because we learned recently that Death in Paradise was going to go off Netflix at the end of July. Yikes. We have a lot of episodes to watch before the end of this month. Priorities People.

Bill and I will be gone the remainder of the week visiting my home town of Columbus to attend a funeral of a beloved cousin. It’s not quite a quintessential summertime activity, but LIFE.

The good news is we will return in time to watch the remaining episodes of Death in Paradise and to enjoy our new bed.