What’s Your Name?

Kaiya (or is it Mylee, or Dagny? doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to her nana.

“Nana.” Ten-year-old Kaiya and her sister and brother had a sleepover at our house Saturday night. She always starts her thoughts to me with a declaration. Nana-with-a-period. “I have an idea for your blog.” (Kaiya is one of my most faithful readers.) “You should write about how you can never remember any of your grandkids’ names.”


Still, the girl is right. Pretty much no matter which of my grandkids’ attention I’m trying to get, I start out with the wrong name and work my way down the line. Not necessarily by birth order, but most often starting with Addie, the eldest. Even if Addie is not present and I haven’t seen her for days, I will start my roll call: Addie, er, Magnolia, er, Kaiya, er Dagny, before I finally get to the right name: Mylee. I generally don’t mix genders. Joseph, er, Alastair, er, Cole, until finally the correct Micah.

Kaiya would probably say that it’s a good thing I only have nine grandkids…….

I explained to her that while I might not say the correct name right away, I always get there in the end. It’s not that I don’t know their names. In fact, I remember the name of each of my grandkids, plus I know their birthdays by heart. And hers is coming up, so she’d better mind her Ps and Qs.

She really does have to cut me some slack. After all, I just had the one kid. I never learned the art many parents have of remembering multiple names. It was always just Court. Unlike many people, I never confused his name with that of our pooch Fritz.

I was reminded again yesterday morning at church that it seems as though four is the new two, when it comes to children. There are at least three families that attend 9 o’clock Mass at our church that have three kids and the mom is pregnant with their fourth. That’s nothing, because at our church in AZ, there is a family who has five children — all boys. She is pregnant with her sixth. Seeings as I’m not acquainted with the family, I don’t know details. This fact, of course, doesn’t stop me from speculating. Are they working on it until they get a girl? For the sake of this mother, who apparently has been pregnant for over 10 years running, may God please grant them a little darling girl.

But more important, do these mothers and fathers run through the gamut of names before they get to the correct name as well? And will the little Mesa baby — should she be a girl — be called names such as Justin, Henry, Joey — before they finally get to her little girl name?

But regarding my seeming inability to come up with the correct name on my first try, in my defense, at one point of the afternoon, I had four girls and a quick-moving 5-year-old boy running around my backyard. Even the sharpest tool in the box would get confused.

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