Thursday Thoughts: Wednesday Edition

Happy Birthday America
Since tomorrow (Thursday) is the Fourth of July, I am giving you my Thursday Thoughts on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will be celebrating with my sister and her kids and grandkids in Fort Collins. We do it every year, and it is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of our freedom.

Eating American
Yesterday I had lunch with my eldest grandchild, Addie. Let’s have sushi, she said, not surprisingly. As we ate our sushi, she told me a bit more about her trip to Japan awhile back. I tried to eat everything Japanese I could, she told me, making me so proud. One of the things I understand the least is when people travel to foreign countries and eat American food. Eating like (and with) the locals is most of the fun!

American Homesickness
Having said that, however, when Bill and I had our three month adventure in Europe, we were mighty homesick on the Fourth of July. By that time, we had been eating European food for over two months. And it was America’s birthday. So I bought a package of the smallest weiners you can imagine…..

….and a package of “hot dog roll” (apparently they thought there was only one roll)…..

I bought a can of cannelloni beans, added Italian catsup and mustard, along with some pepperinco juice, and called it baked beans. Bill went on iTunes and bought I’m Proud to be An American, and we had our own celebration.

Asian Dessert
While Addie and I were eating sushi, she told me that she loved the ice cream she got in Japan. It got me to thinking about the frozen dessert that Alyx treats her kids to…..

Let’s have some Asian shaved ice, I suggested. So we went and picked up Maggie Faith and her bestie Leah and went to a place called Meet Fresh for a genuine Taiwanese treat. We ordered two shaved ice desserts, and had a cool and delicious bit of fun…..




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