Saturday Smile: Size Matters

Cole and his sisters were at my house the other day. While both girls are on the small side of the doctor’s height/weight spectrum, Cole has always been tall. For a while, he was in the 90th percentile for height. This is particularly surprising as there are no tall people on either side of Court’s family. Alyx’s family is also on the small side. She has a vague recollection that one of her Cambodian grandfathers was tall, but wouldn’t swear on it. Nevertheless, Cole — while no longer in the 90th percentile — remains tall for his age.

While visiting, at one point, Cole went to the bathroom. After he was finished, he set about to wash his hands. “Nana,” I heard him holler, “I can’t reach the soap.”

Now, that was somewhat of a surprise, because I was pretty sure that he was able to reach all the way to the mirror, but I went in anyway. The soap dispenser was almost to the front, about five inches away from the edge.

“Cole,” I said, “you can reach the soap easily.”

“No I can’t, Nana,” he replied. “I’m not tall anymore.”

Methinks he’s a bit tired of hearing how TALL he is and wants to remind us every once in a while that he’s the BABY.

That boy makes me laugh…..
Have a great weekend.

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