Thursday Thoughts

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
I keep talking about my garden and how much I’m enjoying planting the flowers and vegetables that I hope will grow all summer long. I mentioned that Cole and Mylee helped me plant my petunias. What I neglected to mention was that during Heather’s visit last week, I roped her into agreeing to turn the soil in my garden. I have pointed out before that I would love to love to garden, but I simply don’t. What I do love, however, are the ensuing good eats. Thanks to Heather’s help in turning my soil, I was able to plant my beans and my chard and my jalapeno plant…..

I’m pretty sure she was giving me a fake smile because HARD WORK.

Growing Up
Last week, we celebrated Maggie Faith’s 11th birthday. I am proud of that girl for her kindness, her work ethic, her intelligence, and her loving heart. I bought her a weighted blanket exactly like I got her sister Dagny for Christmas. It was a no-brainer because about a week before her birthday, she looked me in the eye and said, “Nana, for my birthday, please buy me a weighted blanket just like Dagny’s.” So I did. I can hardly believe she is 11…..

Raw Fish and Bubbles
Speaking of growing up, for Cole’s 5th birthday, in lieu of more toys, I told him I would take him to lunch anywhere he wanted to go and then we could undergo an adventure of his choice. With hardly a second thought, he chose sushi for lunch and the Children’s Museum for his adventure. I am here to tell you that the two of us had so much fun. He tackled each new adventure with spirit and pure 5-year-old joy…..

Lois Lane
As for Kaiya, yesterday her class went to AmeriTowne, an innovative program offered for Denver area 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The kids learn about finance in a very hands-on way. Kaiya, it seems, was hired as a reporter. Having earned my degree in journalism and worked as a reporter, it made my heart proud. Her love for writing apparently is making itself known to others. She was dressed for the part. I assure you, in all my time as a news reporter, I never looked this professional….


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