When Iris Eyes Aren’t Smiling….

…..and no, that isn’t a typo in the title. I didn’t mean Irish; I meant iris. You know, those lovely spring flowers that are trying so hard to bloom (given that it’s nearly the end of May) but it’s just too darn chilly. So if they had eyes, they wouldn’t be smiling, and that’s for sure…..

Yesterday’s temperature reached a mere 40 degrees. I think today’s high temperature isn’t going to be a lot better. Most of yesterday, the precipitation was in the form of rain, at least in the Denver area. The reality, however, was that it looked like rain that really, really wanted to be snow when it grew up. And by 8 o’clock last night, it was fulfilling its dreams. Big flakes of snow were falling on the ground. And this is our back yard this morning. You can see the little ptach where the petunias are huddling beneath the snow…..

I finally broke down and covered up the two garden plants that don’t like freezing temperatures that I had optimistically planted anyway: my jalapeno plant and my basil. My perception of basil plants is that they are like cranky old women who don’t want it too hot and don’t want it too cold. You know, persnickety, like me. I was smart enough to only plant two out of my three tomato plants, and the two that I planted are in a pot that I have pulled up next to the house, where they are huddling together against the nearly-freezing temperatures and the falling snow.

I was wondering how unusual this weather is this late in May, so I did some research. I learned that while it’s not necessarily typical, it isn’t all that unusual. May is the wettest month of the year on the front range, with an average of 2.12 inches of precipitation in the form of either rain or snow. The snowiest May was in 1898, when there was a record 15.5 inches of the white stuff and climate change wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes.

Apparently the cold temps are also not even close to record breaking; the coldest temperature in recorded history for May was 19 degrees, and it reached that temperature twice — once in 1907 and again in 2013. It makes 40 sound almost tropical.

What this weather does to me is make me want to huddle with a blanket over me and watch movies about horses. Seabiscuit, Secretariat, and War Horse. If you are ready to call the authorities to haul me away to the funny farm, I will assure you that while I WANTED to watch all three of those movies, I only watched War Horse. Not that I wouldn’t have watched the other two had they been available to me and I didn’t have a few other things to do.

Things like eat Indian food, because what sounds better on a chilly May day than warm and spicy tikka masala and naan, followed by delicious hot chai latte? I was even able to talk Bill into joining me. He munched on his tandoori chicken, probably pretending that it was a Five Guys burger.

I have no doubt that springtime in the Rockies will finally arrive for good, probably sometime in early June. Stay tune for my complaining about thunder and lightning and tornadoes at that time!

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