M is for the Million Things I Gave You

I find Mother’s Day to be somewhat of a poignant holiday. Don’t get me wrong; being a mother is one of the great blessings of my life. I never imagined life without children. I planned on having lots of children, but circumstances dictated that I have only one. And then circumstances dictated that I have three stepchildren and a total of nine grandchildren! I am truly blessed.

This year, as other years, Bill and I celebrated Mothers’ Day via one of the best traditions in my life: our Mothers’ Day brunch at Greenbriar Inn outside of Boulder. Once again, for perhaps the 15th or 16th time, Bill and I shared Mothers’ Day with my sister Jen and her son B.J., an almost-son. Though we say it nearly every year, this was perhaps the best one yet.

We didn’t say it last year, however. In fact, we neglected to make the reservations early enough and were unable to find room at the inn. I’m pretty sure Bill and I had beanie-weenies for Mothers’ Day brunch. But to make up for the error, we had brunch instead during the summer when my sister Bec was visiting from AZ. Unfortunately, the brunch was an abject failure.

It really was. It was clear from the get-go that day that walking in the door was going to be the high point of the event. Because NO OYSTERS. And perhaps as bad, only a few limp shrimp sitting in melted ice (otherwise known as water).

So when B.J. told Jen he was going to make the reservations for Mothers’ Day brunch in February, she reluctantly agreed, telling him, however, that she was giving them one more try. If there was another oyster crisis, Greenbriar Inn was dead to her.

B.J.’s response? Gosh Mom. I’m going to really miss you next year when I’m sitting alone at the Greenbriar eating my brunch. As you can see, B.J. is a much more forgiving person than his mother and auntie.

At the end of the day, B.J. proved us wrong. Our brunch couldn’t possibly have been any better. There were endless oysters with spicy red sauce and horseradish to make it spicier. There were numerous kinds of cheese and crackers and salads. The shrimp were firm and delicious as they nestled in their icy bed.

And that was just the salad table.

There were eggs benedict and French toast and bagels with lox and cream cheese. The buffet included the most delicious mussels I have ever eaten with a spicy sauce that none of us foodies could identify. Did it have mustard? Was it curry or turmeric that accounted for its beautiful gold color? And then there was the carving station that included beef, ham, and roasted leg of lamb.

At the end of the meal, Bill finally got to experience HIS version of nirvana…..According to Bill, it was the only time he would have chosen bread pudding over the chocolate desserts. Thank goodness he didn’t have to make that choice.

My day was topped off with a visit from Court and his family. I opened the door to Cole holding a pretty bouquet of flowers. I was the perfect way to end a Mothers’ Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, whether or not you are a mother.


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  1. I’m going to be thinking about those mussels and that banana bread pudding until next year.

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