It’s Getting Fun Now

Denver is a fickle sports town.

Nope, that’s not exactly accurate. The truth of the matter is that Denver is a Broncos’ town. Though it’s much more fun to support a winning team, fans mostly don’t give up on the Broncos no matter what. Even when the chances are as slim as the new computers, there will be discussions on sports radio about what sorts of things need to happen for the Broncos to be in the playoffs — you know, the moon needs to align with Venus in the seventh house and Von needs to play a perfect game and if Brady has the stomach flu, we can still make it to the playoffs.

Until they simply can’t come up with any scenarios (and Brady doesn’t toss his flourless spinach cookies). Then they’ll call it quits. Wait until next year.

But I will tell you that the sports people now are talking about the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. Colorado’s basketball team and its hockey team are both in the second rounds of the national playoffs. Since they share an arena, I don’t exactly know how that works. It must involve calculus.

My son Court is a basketball fan, and has been from the time he was a young kid. My experience is that kids tend to be drawn to the sport that their dads like. I’m not sure Court’s dad was a particular Nuggets fan, but I do know that he loved Court enough that he got season tickets at least for one season. Court mostly learned to love basketball from his Uncle Leroy, who taught both his son B.J. and his godson Court to love the game. That was back when the logo looked like this…..

And Court has tried to teach his kids to love the game as well. A couple of years ago, he bought Cole a throwback jersey for one of Court’s favorite Nuggets, Chauncey Billups…..

Alas, despite the fact that he has the jersey, Cole shows no propensity for the game of basketball. The child of Court’s who seems to be most interested in the game, surprisingly, is Kaiya. But then she loves just about anything that Court loves.

A few years ago, Court told me he took her to a game. She had a wonderful time. Court told me she would look at his face, and if he looked happy, then she would cheer. That story made me smile.

A number of times I have asked Kaiya what she likes to do during recess. Jump rope? Play on the swings? Nope. She plays basketball with the boys. I didn’t take her too seriously until last Thanksgiving when the grandkids were all playing outside. I went to get something at the store, and I pulled up to the house just in time to see Kaiya sink a ball, nothing but net.

This is not to say that Kaiya will play basketball or even that she will be a forever fan. But I asked her yesterday if she’s been watching the playoffs with her daddy. Yep, she replied. I asked her about her favorite player. Without hesitation, she said Jokic.

Her dad would probably say the same thing.

Go Nuggets. Go Avalanche.


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  1. Bj has enjoyed every Nugget game this season. He told me early on that this team is for real. I don’t watch the games but I watch the score every night that they play. Go Nuggets! Go Avs!

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