Killing Time

I sat down at my computer yesterday to write my blog post. Since I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was going to write to entertain my massive readership of tens, I did just what a teenager would do if they were sitting down to write a theme for their English class: I dawdled. I cleaned out my inbox. I checked out my Pinterest feed. I looked up things on Wikipedia.

And then the real trouble began: I stumbled upon the Flip videos I recorded some eight or ten years ago.

I’m pretty sure that Flip doesn’t exist anymore. Or if it does, it’s in some new fancy iteration that involves Apple and a cellphone. (Because everything involves Apple and a cellphone.) But back in 2009, Flip was the Next Big Thing. It was a small video camera that you could plug into your computer and easily (the key word for this techno neophyte) download your videos. You could probably do a lot more than that, but that was all I wanted and all I did.

Until I didn’t any more. Which is why I have no videos after 2010. So any grandchildren that came into this world after 2010 (hello Micah and Cole) don’t exist, at least anyone who stumbles across these videos 20 years from now will think.

Such is the way with technology and children/grandchildren. A few years ago, Bill embarked upon a project to attempt to download onto CDs all of the video he had shot of his kids using film and a camera about the size of my yellow VW Bug. He had film of nearly every move his eldest child Allen made starting with his first burp. His middle son Dave had about half that number. I believe out of the hours of film of his kids, poor youngest child Heather had a brief wave at the camera at some point — probably at Allen’s birthday party.

Anyhoo, it’s sad that I don’t have video of all of the kids, because I sat there for probably two hours watching video of Addie, Dagny, Alastair, Maggie Faith, Kaiya, Mylee, and Joseph. (To be honest, most were of Kaiya because Bill and I babysat for her some of the time during her first year-and-a-few-months while her parents both worked and right after I bought my Flip camera.) I have baths and cookie baking and first steps and sandboxes and splash pools. I have Children’s Museum and library visits and swimming lessons. I don’t have any first burps.

But perhaps the saddest thing is, not only do I not have videos of post-2010 grandkids, I have NOT A SINGLE VIDEO OF MY ONLY CHILD COURT. Well, I do have video of his 30th birthday party. But none of him as a child, because I didn’t get my first video camera until 2009 when I bought my Flip camera.

I do have lots of photos of ALL of my grandkids, but if I ever lost my computer, I would be scrambling to figure out how to access them. I guess since they’re all backed up to Google Photos, they live somewhere in the Cloud. It took me a long time to understand the Cloud, and frankly, I still couldn’t explain it to my long-deceased grandmother should she miraculously rise from the dead and show up in my living room asking about the Cloud.

Anyway, as you can tell from this blog post, I never really came up with an idea about what to write. But here’s proof of the existence of all of our grandkids…..

2 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. That’s a wonderful pic of you, Bill and your grands.
    You do know you can take video from your iPhone and iPad, correct? 😬

    • I certainly do know that. CAPABILITY to shoot video isn’t the issue. Interest in doing so is the problem. Even Bill had the ability to shoot video of Heather! 🙂

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