Easter Doings

Yesterday’s Easter celebration at our house is the last party for awhile, at least here in AZ. We We will leave to return to Denver in a week-and-a-half or so. And as is typical for our family, we chose to celebrate with food and drink.

Specifically, a 12 lb. ham, a 9 lb. leg of lamb, and 3 lbs. of fresh Polish sausages. Nothing says Easter like 24 lbs. of meat……

We did manage to eat a few greens, thanks to Bec’s spinach salad…..

There was the requisite Easter egg hunt, after which Lexie informed me that she was the champion, and it certainly seems to be true…..

She also seemed to be the champion sidewalk chalk artist (or maybe just the only one willing to get her picture taken)…..

As the night wore on, Mackenzie moved away from the noise and crowd to do some school reading. Unfortunately for her, the noise and the crowd followed her to Jen’s room…..

There is truly nothing that makes either Bill or I happier than gathering together the people we love around food and drink. This year our next-door neighbors and now-good-friends Dale and Jan joined us.

We celebrated Easter in style. But not quite as stylish as these three…..

Now it’s time to put our dishes away until next fall.

One thought on “Easter Doings

  1. Cole in the hat! When did Kaiya decide to grow her hair out? Time to get back to Denver and catch up with your grands!

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