Thursday Thoughts

Patience is a Virtue
I have been waiting for the arrival of the extra special box that Hewlett Packard promised to send into which we will place my computer, and then send it back to them for repair. It’s been a couple of days, just long enough for me to start fretting. Yesterday afternoon Bill got a phone call from a very confused FedEx driver wondering why he couldn’t find our house. “Where are you?” Bill asked him. “Stockton, California,” he told Bill. So Bill called HP once again, and once again we will await the box’s arrival. All this before the week-and-a-half that it will take once they receive my computer. Sigh.

Painted Skies
Our AZ weather has been unpredictable, but the resulting skies have been magnificent. The other afternoon when it couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to rain or be sunny, the view from the back yard was spectacular…..

Lights From the Sky
Saturday night as we flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Bill took this beautiful shot from his window seat…..

….Bill almost always chooses an aisle seat when he is given the option. But he really loves to look out of the window of an airplane.

Will It Ever End?
I’m not sure that Denver’s (and much of the rest of the country’s) weather is ever going to get better. Yesterday, the city experienced a snow storm that weather forecasters called a bomb cyclone. I think they’re just making up names at this point. My sister Jen did admit that it was a weird snowfall, with the flakes swirling around, well, like a cyclone. It’s got to be spring soon, friends.


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  1. It was sixty yesterday and raining here. Many of the drifts melted. Now Eastern Nebraska is closed for flooding and Western Nebraska is closed for a blizzard. You should see the NDOT road map.

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