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The other day when Bec was at dinner, we began talking about changes people see in their lifetime. We used our grandmother as an example. She was born in 1897 and died some 80 years later. She witnessed the invention of electricity, and the addition of modern conveniences such as refrigerators, electric ovens, radios, and television. The automobile was invented in 1885, and soon more and more people were able to buy cars and they became safer and more efficient. She loved the invention of the air conditioner, and would often be heard to say, “Can you turn on the cooling system?” especially in the car.

We reminded ourselves, however, that we had seen plenty of changes in our lifetimes as well. It just happens they are mostly in the area of technology. Who would ever have thought back in 1965 when we three girls were fighting over our red telephone that hung on the kitchen wall, using the extended cord to hide in the closet for privacy, that one day we would be able to take phones the size of billfolds anywhere with us?

Inventions usually make our lives easier. However, none come without their share of annoyances. I’m sure the first time someone put a stone wheel on a cart, they were happy until the the wheel fell off, sending the cart full of coal flying. Because you know it happens.

Bill and I are having our share of technological issues these days. The trip back to Denver, while a lot of fun, was the impetus for numerous issues with our cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Take my HP laptop computer. Oh, that’s right. You can’t take it because it doesn’t work. Apparently the computer that was in my backpack as we traveled got knocked around, and the display got mad. The computer will turn on, but the display won’t. Costco is happy to send it to HP for surgery. I’m glad it can be fixed, but it will still be two full weeks before my computer is back in my hands. I’m a blogger without a computer. I have two options: borrow Bill’s computer (which he uses for work, requiring me to fit in when I can) or type with one finger on my iPad. Neither option is great, but I’m grateful I have options at all. Sorry for any typos you see in the next couple of weeks.

Bill’s problem is a bit more flummoxing. When we got home Saturday night, Bill realized he couldn’t find his LG tablet. The man LOVES his tablet, so this was sad, but also puzzling. Where could it be? After searching everywhere we could think of, he finally recalled a program on his cell phone that would help him track his LG tablet. And VOILA! It told us that the tablet was at a restaurant in our Denver neighborhood. This made perfect sense because Friday night we stopped by this restaurant/bars to have a drink. Bill brought his LG tablet in because he wanted to get our seat assignments on Southwest Airlines just as soon as we could, 24 hours in advance. It worked. We got A59 and A60. Unfortunately, in our excitement, he must have left without his tablet.

No problem, we thought. We called the restaurant and explained our issue. They went to check and said there was no tablet to be found. We explained that Find My Phone says his tablet is right there in the restaurant. Well, after several phone calls and a personal visit by our daughter-in-law Jll, it still has not been found. And Find My Phone insists that’s exactly where it is.

Still, I will put up with those kinds of problems to have the advantage that modern technology is providing for us. After all, people in third world countries are worrying about clean water and providing food for their families.


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  1. I wonder if the tablet lost its charge and then someone took it. So the last place that it was live is where the phone thinks it’s still sitting.
    Or maybe it just didn’t like Piccalos food and left. Oh wait, that’s what our grandkids tablets will do.

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