Thursday Thoughts

Full Speed
Bill and I have made a quick trip back to Denver to take care of some medical appointments and visit our kids and grandkids. Since the plane landed at 7:30 Monday evening, we have really not stood still long enough to take a breath. Bill saw his research team and movement specialists on Tuesday. I had an appointment on Wednesday morning that was far from our house. Today includes eye appointments for each of us. In between those appointments, we have had a chance to see family and friends. There will be plenty of time to relax when we get back to AZ. Then I’ll whine about being bored and that I miss my family. Can’t win with me.

That’s Colorado For Ya
Over the weekend, Colorado was experiencing below-zero temps. It has been a bit better the past few days, but the chilly temperatures have been a bit of a shock to our system. They are bearable, however, and I’m thankful for no snow. Bill particularly dislikes the cold weather, but I will admit that it hasn’t bothered me that much. I have not even been wearing a coat, only a heavy sweater. What is bothering me, however, is the smog that we are experiencing from the inverted something-or-other. My eyes have been itching nonstop.

Foxy Business
It has been fun to see our foxes running around our back yard. They seem a little surprised to see us, however. They thought it was there yard exclusively. The other morning, one of the foxes had pulled a pillow from our outdoor furniture and had commenced to chewing. We caught them just in the nick of time. I promptly covered up our furniture. The foxes glowered at me.

Sweet 16
Our eldest granddaughter Addie turns 16 on March 19. Since we won’t be in Denver then, we took her out last night for dinner in her honor. I told her that she could choose the spot. She chose a place about which I told her a few months ago — Aki Hot Pot. Cooking a variety of mostly unique foods in a hot broth. We had a ton of fun…..

Addie seemed to really enjoy the food. Bill, as usual, took it all in stride.The heads-on shrimp took Addie a bit of getting used to…..


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