Truck Stop

Every morning when I open up my Facebook app, I am greeted mostly by a variety of ads. That’s okay. I like to learn what’s out there that I will never buy. But the greeting that I most look forward to — and it’s there every morning as reliably as the mockingbirds’ song when the sun comes up — is from Amazon.

Somewhere around Christmas, Amazon decided that I like really unusual — no, actually goofy — accoutrements for my house. Of course, the fact that they suck me in each time and I click to see what it is they are trying to sell me only serves to make them continue to offer me increasingly goofy items.

I started putting the most ridiculous offerings into my cart so I can show them to Bill, and man! does Amazon love that. My favorite thus far has been the Glow Bowl Motion-Activated Toilet Nightlight, a light that fits around your toilet bowl, and lights it up (in a choice of six or seven colors, with the option to change color every four seconds), thereby allowing the toilet user to, I don’t know, not miss the toilet when sitting down? Be startled into not being able to go back to sleep? Wish your toilet bowl wasn’t neon?

I was also drawn to the pair of rechargeable automatic salt and pepper grinders which will take away that onerous task of manually grinding your peppercorns and salt crystals. And then there is the warming serrated butter knife that allows you to easily cut ice-cold butter. Since Amazon tells me it is frequently sold along with the warming ice cream scoop that I never, ever, not one time, thought made the job of scooping ice cream any easier, I am not holding my breath on the butter cutter.

I love Amazon for all the reasons that you all love Amazon. I can order (and have ordered) anything ranging from Duke’s Mayonnaise to medical gloves and there it is on my doorstep two days later. I don’t even have to walk the half a block to CVS pharmacy to buy medical gloves from a human.

I envision a big room full of really smart people somewhere in Seattle trying to come up with new and even more creative ideas to keep us robotically coming back to Amazon. And they have hit on a new bright idea.

It’s called the Treasure Truck. And I’m invited to join.

From what I can tell, in about a dozen cities around these United States, participants will receive surprise notices about things popular among Amazon users that are on sale Today Only. If you are interested, you go find the truck and purchase the item.

This is direct from their website…..

It sounds as though the truck is on the move, doesn’t it? Does this mean I have to follow the truck until it pulls over? Do I pull up next to it and make hand motions? So many questions!

But they got me, ladies and gentlemen. I have signed up for what I hope is a free program.

Stay tuned, and watch for a brightly colored truck cruising your neighborhoods. And a little yellow bug following it.


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  1. Well, who knew?!! Treasure Truck. šŸ™„ As an aside, Mark had one of the neon toilet bowl lights in the kids bathroom in the old house. Iā€™m not sure it made the move.

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