Thursday Thoughts

Baby, It’s Cold
I am senstive to the Me Too movement, and I have no desire to enter into the fray regarding the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Generally speaking, it’s never been one of my favorites anyway. Having said that, I will tell you that you will have to pry the version of that song as sung by Hayley Reinhart and  Casey Abrams out of my cold, dead hands, so to speak. I simply love hearing both of their voices and the playful way these two friends sing to each other. So there.

Tinker Bell Singer
The little 16-year-old girl who won this season’s The Voice — Chevel Shepherd — was frankly amazing. Our eldest granddaughter is 15, and it’s hard to imagine that this girl is almost the same age and can sing like Loretta Lynn. I thought it was a fun season, despite some of the drama, drama, drama, and I was glad to see Chevel win.

Thanks for the Memories
Tuesday night, while watching The Voice, I began scrolling through my Google Photos, and then I simply couldn’t stop. The photos go back way further than I remembered, and it was indescribably fun to reminisce. Here are a few of my favorites…..

Court, giving his firstborn her first bath. Mostly, he’s staring at her in wonder.

When Bill was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he had a lot of difficulty picking up small items like screws. He is putting something together, and he asked Kaiya to help him. I can’t look at this photo without crying.

Papa and Alastair before walking age. (Alastair’s, not Bill’s.) I didn’t remember this photo, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to discover it.

Joseph and Micah have been traveling by airplane since they were tiny. They are always eager to come visit Colorado, and you can see it in their expressions.

This photo was taken at my 50th birthday party, and it’s a treasure to me. You might recall that I had pink eye at the time, which accounts for my eye slits.

Dad, holding Bec, when she is just a wee tyke. He was so handsome.

Dad, as a young baker. I love this photo because it’s such a good shot of the back room where all the magic happened.

I can’t tell you all of the photos that I perused. Hundreds of them, most of which I didn’t recall having. A trip down memory lane.


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  1. Glad to see you have captured photos that include your old carpet. You wouldn’t want to forget that long time friend!

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