More birthday Festivities

For my birthday, Bill bought me a new computer. I got tired of hearing the death rattle emanating from my old computer. My new computer has the same sized screen as the old jalopy, but is thinner and weighs considerably less. And it is my sincere hope that it takes less time to open up each morning and doesn’t take half a day to download information when opening a website. Yes, I know that it wasn’t that long ago that we were writing with ink and feather quills, but now that I’m 65, I’m honing my cranky skills.

The problem with new technology is that it’s new technology. Therefore, we (and when I say we, I mean Bill) needs to figure out how to transfer the information from the Old Man to the Young Whippersnapper. Thus, we have this happening…

….and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Jen came to Denver Saturday and cooked my birthday dinner. We relived the 50’s, imagining what Mom might have made for my birthday dinner. Here was the menu Jen prepared: an old school relish tray, breaded pork chops, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss Mac and cheese……

Breaded chops sizzling in the pan.

Dessert was a rare treat when we were growing up, But one that Mom served asa special treat was date nut roll that came in a can with real whipped cream. They apparently no longer make canned date nut rolls, so Jen made a date cake from scratch.

Jen and I pose with our relish tray.

Winston makes friends with Bill.

By tomorrow, it is my sincere hope that my new computer is fully operational and I don’t have to write my post using one finger on my iPad.

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