Saturday Smile: Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday I turned 65. I remember when I thought only really old people were 65, but now it’s me. I feel no different than I did on Friday!

To celebrate my birthday, our family gathered at Dave and Jll’s house, where we ate pizza and salad. The high point, however, was after dinner, when the whole gang participated in the making and decorating of Christmas cookies…..

Maggie Faith, Kaiya, and Mylee get ready to hunker down and make themselves some cookies.

Alastair was pretty particular with his batch, and I’m pretty sure he ate them all.

Addie and Allen are carefully working on making cookies shaped like biology experiments. Go figure.

Maggie gets ready to put her first batch in the oven.

Dave, Court, and Bill started the ball rolling by softening up the dough for the kids.

Some of the results, courtesy of Mylee.

And, of course, she made a monkey!

You may have noticed a few missing grands. Dagny was feeling the effects of an injury she received at school. She was there, but escaped Nana’s camera. As for Cole, he has been feeling punk the past few days and wasn’t able to come to the party. His sisters made sure he got some cookies, however…..

I had a wonderful birthday, spent with people I love. Thanks to everyone who helped make my day special.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Kris, 65 does seem old at first, but I’m a believer that thinks 80 is the new 60. It is my thought and I’m sticking with it. 82 and going strong.

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