Thursday Thoughts

Christmas Cookies
As I was making my second batch of biscotti this afternoon, it occurred to me that I haven’t yet baked cookies with any of my grands. It seems like I do so every year, but when I tried to find a photo to prove what a great nana I am, I was unsuccessful. The only one I could find was from way back in 2013…..

…..but I know there are more cookie-baking sessions than that. I recall when Kaiya was just a toddler, she sat on my counter as I cut out sugar cookies. I then put the bottle of sprinkles in her hand, and helped her shake out the sugar to put on top of the cookies. I love the above photo, however, because they’re all very serious. I don’t know where Mylee and Maggie Faith are hiding! Cole was nesting in his mommy’s tummy. By the way, I realized this year that I have had the same Christmas cookie cutters since 1975. Santa has probably gotten a lot heavier since then.

And More Christmas Cookies
This year, I’ve made shortbread cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and double chocolate biscotti for Bill. Yesterday afternoon, I made cinnamon biscotti for me (though I’m pretty sure Bill will choke them down…..

The Wells Fargo Wagon Is A’Comin’
These days I feel like a kid laying in bed listening for Santa Claus. I always have one ear listening for the sound of a truck driving up to our house, signalling the arrival of another one of my packages. It seems like every day someone on Next Door complains about a package being stolen off their porch by what has apparently come to be referred to as a Porch Pirate. My favorite story was about someone in our neighborhood who got a package stolen. Unfortunately for the thief, the package contained a couple of hundred worms for the family’s lizard. Ha!

Age is Just a Number
Today is December 6, and it took until yesterday for it to hit me: I am on Medicare. This government subsidy goes into effect the first day of the month that you turn 65. I turn 65 in a week or so; thus, I am my grandmother. After stumbling through the process of getting registered and my co-insurance figured out, now I have to figure out how to use it. Let the fun begin.

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