Holly Jolly Christmas

Way back in November (well, it was just last week, but it WAS November), I was whining about the fact that I not only didn’t have a single Christmas present purchased, I actually didn’t really have any idea what I was getting anyone. Now it’s December, and I’m happy to say gloria in excelsis deo! I’ve got all of my gifts either purchased or I at least know what I’m getting everyone. The merry little elves at Amazon are keeping busy with this Christmas shopper.

Well, I know what I’m getting almost everyone. There is one grandchild — and I won’t name names, but she is named after the main character in Atlas Shrugged — who is giving me all sorts of fits….

But an idea will come, I’m sure of it.

Every day, packages come trickling in from the postman or FedEx driver. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, even if it doesn’t look a lot like Christmas at this very moment. As usual, I’m putting off the inevitable wrapping of the gifts. Maybe next week I will turn up some Christmas music and start my engines.

Speaking of Christmas traditions, I have been watching a shameful number of Christmas movies. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime are screening many of them — some old, and some new. I prefer the old movies, but admit to watching my share of new films as well.

As you know, Christmas movies almost always involve romance. The problem with the newer movies is that they all have the same plot. And for the most part, I am pretty sure they all have the same actor playing the love interest. All the male heartthrobs look the same — dark hair with a two-days’ growth of beard and big muscles. Dreamy….


These past few days, I have been concentrating on the older movies. Holiday Inn…..

…..and White Christmas being two of my favorites. No one croons like Bing Crosby….

While A Christmas Story remains my favorite holiday movie, I will somewhat shamefully admit that I am just a tiny bit in love with the much more adult movie  Love, Actually.

I’ve also been listening to Christmas music, mostly while I’m driving or baking Christmas cookies…..

My Christmas playlist includes exactly no sad songs. I refuse to listen to sad Christmas music. Where Are You Christmas? (Faith Hill), Merry Christmas Darling (The Carpenters), Same Auld Lang Syne (Dan Fogelberg), and the saddest one of all, The Christmas Shoes (Newsong). Seriously, a Christmas song about buying shoes for your terminally ill mother who will die before day’s end? This is Christmas, aka The Most Wonderful Time of the Year), unless your mother is about to die.

Instead, my playlist includes songs like We Need a Little Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Every year I have a different favorite. This year it is Pentatonix’s version of Mary Did You Know?.

My feelings about Christmas are kind of summed up by something my grandson Micah told his mama the other day when they were singing Christmas carols. “It seems like Jesus is the main character,” said Micah…..

Out of the mouth of babes.

4 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas

    • He’s getting tutoring for his reading, and apparently is learning about “main characters.” Jesus is certainly the main character of the Christmas Story.

  1. I’m with you-no sad songs at Christmas. Life is hard enough. And amen to old Christmas movies. I’ll add Christmas in Connecticut and The Shop Around The Corner. But White Christmas will always be numero uno.

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