Thursday Thoughts

Oh, The Weather Outside
We have had lovely weather for the period of time that we have been in AZ. We managed to miss a Colorado snowstorm which is cause for our celebration. There were the predictable posts on Facebook that include photos of snow in their yards and captions indicating the posters’ appreciation of the beauty of snow. Nope. I’m happy that they’re happy, but I find absolutely nothing redeeming about snow. It’s cold. It’s messy. It is difficult to shovel. If I want pretty, I go to my brother’s house and watch a sunset over the desert. But the temperatures the past few days have been highs in the 60s. Arizonans are wearing Uggs. I’m not kidding.

Double Trouble
I’ve said it a million times, but it’s a true story. When you own a home, it’s always something, and when you own two homes, it’s always something times two. Waa waa waa. First world problems, right? But Bill has spent much of his time here the past two weeks in fixing this or that. The door from our garage to our back yard has rotted because of the heavy monsoon rains. This creates gaps in the door which potentially leads to scorpions making their way into our garage. Therefore, IT MUST BE FIXEDThanks to Bill being Bill, by time we leave, our door will be solid. Another issue that arose is that our outdoor grill won’t light, even using a match. Gas is not getting to the burners. That fix might need to wait until we return in December. In the meantime, I bought some charcoal and lighter fluid, and lit the coals the old-fashioned way. I have said it many times: I love lighting charcoal and drinking an ice-cold martini while waiting for the coals to turn to hot ash. And the smell of steak on a charcoal grill is heaven itself. It simply makes me happy. Even if I have to wear Uggs while cooking my steak…..

We All Scream For Ice Cream
There is a fro yo chain in the valley called Golden Spoon. They either opened one up not far from our house over the summer, or it was already opened and we simply didn’t know about it. It’s called Golden Spoon. It’s very near Mark and Maggie’s new house, and her grands talked Jen into taking them one day. It was love at first taste, and she talked Bill into going one night. I didn’t go because I was in the throes of my cold. However, I wasn’t dead, so I had them bring me back a cup of frozen deliciousness. Bill is hooked. He particularly likes that veterans get a 50% discount. I like that too, because now he always pays the bill…..

And the Winner Is….
We enjoyed watching the CMA Awards show last night, and were very excited that Keith Urban won Entertainer of the Year. We were particularly excited because he actually entertained us in July. Woo hoo.



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