One Unicorn is One Too Many

About 1:30 yesterday afternoon, I dropped Jen off at her daughter Maggie’s house so she could spend some time with her grands. Austin was still at school, but 4-year-old Lilly was busily cutting out stickers at the kitchen table when we walked into the house. She smiled in greeting, but kept up her important work of dividing stickers into little piles.

We sat and chatted for a bit, and then I started making movements to go home. I wanted to write a blog post for today, and I didn’t have a single notion of what to write about.

“What should I write my blog about tomorrow, Lilly?” I asked. She barely looked up from her cutting, but said without hesitation, “Unicorns.”

Here’s the thing: I appreciated her input, especially since it required so little forethought. Unicorns were top of mind. However, it happens that — interestingly — I have already written about unicorns. Who’d have thought?…..

I woke up yesterday morning feeling more myself than I have since I first came down with this terrible cold on Friday. One nostral was completely opened up, making me feel like an American Ninja Warrior. Without the bikini. Or the muscles.

“Wanna go shopping?” I asked Jen.

For many years Jen and I had a tradition of going shopping on Veterans’ Day. Each year we would maintain that we would start our Christmas shopping; however, inevitably we bought exactly zero Christmas presents but many things for ourselves. Lunch and fancy coffee were always included in our holiday fun. We actually half-heartedly planned on going shopping on Monday with Bec, but none of us quite felt up to the task. It seemed much more fun to sit in Bec’s lovely family room with a glass of wine and talk about life. We were never really very good shoppers anyway.

But given my surge of health from a clear nasal cavity and a whole day in front of us with nothing to do, we decided to drive to Chandler Fashion Mall where they have a Nordstrom’s. Our mission: to buy me a pair of jeans.

Buying jeans is second only to buying a swimsuit in the depression category. I haven’t put on a pair of jeans and thought “I look goooooood” in, well, ever really. But Jen insisted that Nordstrom’s sells a brand of jeans that are flattering (as long as your expectations aren’t that you will look like Princess Kate in jeans)…..

and — more important — are very comfortable. That’s code for stretch and hidden panels.

It was very surprised that she was correct. I’m giving a big Nana’s Whimsies endorsement (unpaid) to Wit and Wisdom brand jeans at Nordstrom’s. I won’t comment on the flattering part, but I will confirm that they are extremely comfortable and don’t look like Old Lady Jeans without looking like jeans that aren’t designed for Old Ladies. If you know what I mean.

To show you just how much the Gloor sisters dislike shopping, Jen and I drove 30 minutes to get to the nearest Nordstrom’s. We went in and found the jeans with the great Nordstrom’s customer service for which they are justifiably known. I tried them on, and bought a pair of blue and a pair of black. We walked out perhaps 30 minutes later and were done.

Well, not exactly true. After a quick stop at Lululemon where we quickly discarded the idea of paying a hundred bucks for a pair of yoga pants, and another stop to have a latte, we were done.

And true to form, we didn’t buy a single Christmas gift.

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  1. I love my wit and wisdom jeans (even if I have never and will never look like princess Kate). Welcome to the club.

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