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Princess Forever
Facebook Users: You know how every so often Facebook will remind you of a photo you posted such and such years ago, tempting you to bore your Facebook friends once again with a repeat? It’s always tempting. Recently it reminded me of a photo I posted eight years ago or so of little Kaiya wearing a tiara as she prepared for a day of watching princess movies at Nana’s house. It reminded me that Kaiya has been a princess from the get-go, having also dressed up as a princess this year for Halloween. Grace Kelly, are you watching?……

Hats Off
I was able to get Cole to hold still long enough to shoot a photo of him wearing one of the stocking caps I’m selling on my Etsy page (see link above). Kaiya was much easier to photograph. The hats sell for $10 each, and they are made to order in the color(s) and size desired…..

The other day Cole asked me to make a dog out of Play Doh. He referenced a photo of a dog featured on the package. I gave it my all, but alas, this was the result…..

To be fair, the dog is supposed to be running. On the other hand, to be honest, I know the dog I created is crap. Remember this blog post? Cole didn’t appear to be impressed, and when I showed it to his mom, her reply was, “It looks like a rat.” No sir. A rat’s tail is skinnier.

Oh My Heart
I mentioned the other day that Addie and I went out for sushi. We had such a grand time, what with her filling me in on all of the details of her young and exciting life. Those were the days, though we didn’t really know it then. I will admit, however, that I wouldn’t want to live them over, though I would undoubtedly do a few things differently. And I was never as pretty as she…..


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