Thursday Thoughts

Treasure Hunt
Tuesday was the final day of their fall break, so I talked Dagny and Maggie Faith into going geocaching with me. When I say talk, please understand that all that is required is for me to ask, because you’ve never seen two girls more ready to tackle this very fun treasure hunt. The day was glorious, with a bright blue sky and temperatures in the high 60s or low 70s. As we walked towards our first find, Maggie said, “I love geocaching because you can be outside and get some exercise and fresh air and use your imagination to try and find the hidden caches.” I’m pretty sure the traditional trip to Sonic following a geocaching event helps sweeten the pot. We not only had a ton of fun, but we found seven caches out of seven searches. Some days you’re lucky and some days you’re not. I should have bought a lottery ticket. ….

Maggie’s cache is almost as big as she is!

Bon Appetit
Once a year about this time Bill and I go out to dinner with Dave, Jll, Allen, and Emma to celebrate the birthdays that are clustered around the end of the year. Each year we choose a different restaurant. This year I chose a French restaurant in honor of our newest daughter-in-law who hails from Paris, France. The restaurant — La Merise French Bistro — was lovely and the food was amazing. In fact, we had what might have been one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life as an appetizer. The moules mariniere — mussels with garlic and cream sauce to us Amurikins — were so good that as the waiter was getting ready to remove the bowl, I was digging in with my spoon to get the last drop of the cream sauce. While I love to hang with my grandkids, we always have fun at this all-grown-up meal. Happy birthday one and all….

Smile For the Camera
Speaking of grandkids, some photos just make me happy. Here is a photo of Bill with Joseph and Micah during their recent visit to attend Allen and Emma’s wedding reception that I look at about 10 times a day because it makes me smile every single time. Micah looks like Jimmy Buffett must have looked as a kid….

Eating With Chopsticks
Yesterday I had lunch with my daughter-in-law Alyx. We ate at a Korean restaurant. I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten Korean food before, but I knew I would love it because I haven’t yet met an Asian cuisine that I haven’t liked. And like it, I did. As an aside, Alyx showed me this photo of Kaiya, who is perhaps the fussiest eater I’ve ever met. She does, however, like Orange Chicken from Panda Express. And she eats it with chopsticks, thank you very much. Her Cambodian heritage comes through…..


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