Thursday Thoughts

No Griping Zone
I promise that today I won’t do any complaining about the cold weather. It is October in Colorado. The temperatures are about what they should be, after all. And my hair stylist broke it to me the other day that it is supposed to be an El Nino year, meaning lots of snow. I, however, will be in AZ for most of it.

Snuggle Up
Having promised I won’t complain about the snow, I will restrict myself only to telling you about the most wonderful winter item I sell on my Etsy page……

These wonderful blankets are made out of the softest, warmest chenille blanket yarn that you can imagine. They are lap-sized, perfect for covering up as you watch television or read a book. The blankets are 48 inches long and 39 inches wide. The assortment of yarn colors is large. I sell them for $65. If you’re interested, see the link above to my Nana’s Whimsies Shop.

A Different Color
Our seemingly endless construction project continues. We have a painter who is working diligently on painting most of our ceilings and walls. You know, those walls that I said I couldn’t live with 26 years ago when we moved into our Denver house. The man is amazing, and bit by bit, the house is looking better. At the same time, Bill is doing some of the finishing touches such as baseboards. I am seeing a light at the end of the construction tunnel.

Smile, You’re On Candid Camera
The grandkids’ school photos are dribbling into Nana. Kaiya and Mylee always take a good photo…..

Cole’s photo makes me laugh. He looks like he’s grimacing, but I am assured that the look on his face is simply his version of saying cheese!…..

And perhaps cutest of all is this photo of Micah. I know he’s saying cheese, but there is enough mischief in his eyes to know that it was all he could do to sit still…..

Keep those school photos coming, Family. I love them most of all.


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