It’s More Than 3.14159265359

I received some really nice comments following yesterday’s blog post, all assuring me that everyone has a bad day here and there. Maybe I should throw snit fits more often. J/K. As you might guess, Bill takes the brunt. My sister Bec consoled me this way: “You know what Sister Elizabeth used to say? I’m getting stoned to death with popcorn.” That was me.

Yesterday afternoon, Bill came home from a trip to one of his favorite stores — Home Depot. Home Depot is to him what a fancy grocery store is to me. Neither one of us can quite understand the other’s obsession. Anyway, as he walked in the door, he said, “Kris, I bought you a present.” Hmmm. Well that was interesting, as he typically doesn’t buy me presents unless it’s my birthday. “I wanted to buy you the moon and the stars, but that wasn’t possible.” This really caught my attention, because Bill is a lot of things, but romantic is generally not one of them. “So, instead,” he went on, “I bought you two comets.”…..


Now, this might strike you as about as romantic as King Kong was to Ann Darrow. Au Contraire mon ami. I recently was griping about the fact that the Comet that I kept in our bathroom to clean our shower was missing (the unsaid accusation, of course, being that he took it and didn’t return it), and that I kept forgetting to buy more. So, there actually was some thoughtful sentiment in his purchase. And it proved that he did, in fact, take it. Winner winner chicken dinner.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that looking at photos of my grandkids cheered me up. Yesterday afternoon, I was further cheered because instead of doing what I should have been doing — namely, putting the things back that I had removed from my china cabinet over a year ago — I baked. Pies are my favorite things to bake, and nearly my favorite thing to eat. So I baked pies.

As you know if you are a faithful reader of my blog, baking pies is not an unusual activity for me, particularly in the late summer and early fall when the peaches are ripe and the apples are plentiful. This time, however, I did something I have never before even tried…..

I made a lattice top crust.

What????? You’ve never done this before? I understand your shocked silence. But I have always been too scared to try. It’s true. Me, who fearlessly rides a scooter on the crazy streets of Denver (dodging bullets if Nextdoor is to be believed), has never even tried to lattice a top crust.

There’s a perfectly good reason for my fear. The pie crust that I always use, while simple and extraordinarily flaky and delicious, is incredibly soft. There is simply no way that I could weave the strips as is necessary to make a lattice crust. So, my solution was simple. I cheated.

I made my usual pie crust. The recipe makes two crusts. I used the two crusts for the bottoms of my peach pie and my apple pie. And then I used a Pillsbury already-prepared crust for the top. Boom. The pies were for a family dinner last night, but by time the kids read the blog post today, they will have already eaten — and hopefully enjoyed — the pies. Fooled ya’.

I, in fact, made a total of three pies yesterday: an apple, a peach, and a key lime with a homemade gluten-free graham cracker crust for Allen. Others will also likely choke it down as well…..

If baking pies makes me happy, it’s no wonder I was so cheerful yesterday. And now I’m going to go clean the shower. I have no excuse not to.

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  1. Way to power through your challenging day on Monday. If only you knew that Comet was coming the following day…… 😀

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