Saturday Smile: I Am Ready For Some Football

When the universe is in alignment, August is a good time to be a sports fan. We are lucky here in Colorado because not only are the Broncos back on the field, but the Rockies are coming on strong late in the season. It’s fun to see some good baseball, but when football season begins, I smile BIG.

I admit to nearly tearing up the other day when I heard Cris Collinsworth’s voice during a Sunday night football from sheer football joy. The Broncos have had an inconsistent preseason and our local announcers have made me cringe. Good ol’ Brian Griese in last night’s game: “Everyone knows Emmanuel Sanders is a better football player when he’s involved in the game.” As opposed to when he’s sitting at home eating tacos and drinking beer?

Nevertheless, I’m ready for football!

Have a great weekend.

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