There’s a First Time For Everything

You might remember that I said this was going to be the summer during which my motto was When was the last time you did something for the first time? (Thanks Darius Rucker.) The fact of the matter is that I’m having a bit of triuble keeping up with everything that’s going on, and that reality looks to remain the same for the next while.

Bec left yesterday morning. Bill and I stood on the stoop waving and singing On the Road Again until such time as we realized that she was setting up her GPS and making sure that her tunes would play and she wasn’t going to be on the road again for a bit of time. We finally got tired and went inside. An hour later her car was gone, so I guess she was finally on the road again.

During her stay, she drove back and forth from Denver to Fort Collins so many times that TSA likely had her on their radar. We made trips to Estes Park and Nebraska while she was here, leaving Bill to fend for himself. I called him one night while in Nebraska and he told me he was at the cigar shop. I called the next night and he said he was at the cigar shop. Did you go home? I asked him. Something tells me he doesn’t miss me a lot when I’m gone. We saw lots of these…..

We celebrated Dagny’s birthday and watched in absolute amazement as Dagny flew the drone we gave for her birthday like an aviation master. TSA should be watching Dagny instead of Bec…..

In preparation for the end of summer, Bec cooked us up an old-fashioned shrimp boil. Alastair was eager to help….

We watched the kids go back to school. In fact, yesterday I took Cole to school and met his teacher. But not before we had lunch at McDonalds…..

This afternoon, Bill and I will meet with the nurse with whom we will be working on his clinical research trial over the next few months — actually, for the next couple of years. For two hours today and two hours tomorrow, we will be learning how to fill his syringes with the medication and will get a lesson on inserting the line from him to the pump. She will be our BFF, because we will meet with her twice a week for the length of the trial. Next week we meet with the doctor again, and the person in charge of the research trial in his office will spend several hours going over the enormous bag of accoutrement With which we will become very familiar over the next couple of years. Pray for us. I am willing to admit that I’m nervous. Bill is his usual calm and positive self.

Oh, and in case we are bored, on Wednesday a crew will come into our house and begin installing new windows. I’m sure the nurse will be happy about training us with pounding going on in the background.

I guess you could say I am living up to my vow to do something for the first time. Several somethings, in fact.

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  1. The trial drug definitely qualifies as doing something for the first time. Funny how life always works out like that.

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