Saturday Smile: Kicking it Off!

At Bill’s last semiannual movement specialist appointment for his Parkinson’s, we were invited to apply to participate in a clinical research trial for a distribution system for what is probably the most important medicine to combat Parkinson’s symptoms. Bill already takes Carbidopa-Levadopa three times a day. However, in the past few months, he has been bothered more by his symptoms during the period of time between when Pill No. 1 wears off and he can take Pill No. 2, etc. This clinical trial involves the same medication, but he would wear a pump that would give him a continuous flow of the same meds, thereby eliminating the down periods.

We were delighted to learn this week that he has been approved for participation. We have already had a couple of visits with the medical and research people involved in this study. It will be life-changing, both in the learning curve and potentially in his quality of life.

Please pray for us, as it is somewhat of a choppy road ahead as we learn the ins and outs. For example, he will be seen by a nurse twice a week for the next two years. I can’t get the image of a woman in a nurse’s cap looking through our bedroom window out of my mind.

We (and when I say “we” I really mean “he and his doctor”) will be facing such obstacles as figuring out the dosage, determining how to wean him from his current oral medication as this pump starts taking over, potentially increased symptoms as they work out the kinks, finding a comfortable way of wearing the pump that doesn’t involve wearing a women’s bra, and other things that we haven’t even thought of.

Having said all of this, we are both positively thrilled with the distinct possibility that this continuous flow will improve his day-to-day activities. If attitude has anything to do with this, he will be the participant to whom all other participants will be compared…..

This possibility makes me smile, if somewhat nervously.

Have a great weekend.

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