Saturday Smile: He Would Never Pull Jen Out of the Well

Among many things that made me smile this week was a lunch with four of my favorite people: my husband, my sister Jen, my nephew B.J., and my stepmother Shirley. We don’t see Shirley as often as I would like, for no good reason whatsoever, as she only lives 60 minutes north of us. But we made up for it by enjoying lunch at 3 Margaritas in Fort Collins on Thursday, where we caught up, laughed, and solved the problems of the world. Perhaps the funniest story we heard was that the fence between Jen’s house and her neighbors to the north blew down in one of Fort Collins heavy windstorms. At some point that evening, she began looking for her Bijon Frise Tucker (also known as Mr. Shenanigans). She finally found him comfortably sleeping on her neighbor’s patio. So much for a loyal dog/friend.

Our lunch gang should meet more often…..

Have a great weekend.

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