Thursday Thoughts

Holiday Road
At 3:45 yesterday afternoon, the David McLain family took off for their three months on the road, traveling in an RV. I watched the kids pack up the things that they felt they couldn’t live without for three months. I saw lots of books and arts-and-crafts supplies. In the case of Dagny, I saw very many little Tupperware containers of slime. As for Addie, like most teenagers, she brought enough toiletries to raise her father’s eyebrows. They were excited, nervous, and the parents, at least, looked tired. The first destination was Rock Springs, Wyoming – where my Uncle Elmer told us the birds fly upside down. Just sayin’. Off they go…..

The kids prepare their home-away-from-home for the summer.

Off they go!

Chain Gang
Court has been helping us out with yard work this summer, and I’m pretty sure he wishes yesterday he hadn’t come by. Bill took advantage of his youth and strength and had him moving rocks from the side of our house into the pond area. Bill has a vision for the pond, and it involves many, many rocks. Shoveling rock is not for wimps, and I’m pretty sure Court had trouble getting out of bed this morning!…..

My New Pizza
Court brought Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole with him yesterday. They played while he worked. Lots of Play Doh, of course. There was also an outdoor game that looked like a combination of soccer and tag. I never really understood the rules, and I’m pretty sure Cole never did either – though he played the entire game. When it was lunchtime, I asked Court what sounded good and, more importantly, what the kids would eat. Cole’s new favorite food is pepperoni pizza, Court told me. So I ordered a pizza from our neighborhood pizzeria that was half pepperoni and half sausage. I also ordered some meatballs for Mylee, who is not a pizza lover. When I opened up the box, I told Cole, “Look, pepperoni pizza! You’re favorite.” “I don’t like pepperoni pizza,” he announced firmly. So there. Pepperoni pizza was sooooo yesterday. There were plenty of meatballs to go around.

Mom, Can Y’all Order Me This Song From iTunes?
Jen texted me last night with this funny story. Her grandson Austin, who is 7, asked his mom to download from iTunes what he referred to as “his favorite song.” A pop tune? Maybe some rap? Nope. His new favorite song is Kick the Dust Up by Luke Bryan. This photo from last December should have given me a clue.Yippi-i-o-ki-a…..


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  1. I listened to that song no less than 5 times last night and it made me smile every time thinking about Austin requesting it.
    Oh my gosh to the rocks Court moved into the pond! 😬
    Happy travels, McLains!

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