Thursday Thoughts

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was awaiting a package from Amazon, and I got a notice that they were six stops away from delivering my package. I was able to track their delivery to me. I thought it was just an AZ thing, since there are Amazon warehouses in our vicinity. But no, because as I awaited delivery of a package here in Denver on Tuesday, VOILA! I was alerted that my delivery was eight stops away. I guess that must be their new practice. Another new practice by Amazon is giving the purchaser the option of having their package delivered to a locker located away from your home. When the package is delivered to that locker, the buyer is sent a email with a scanning code. You just position your phone so that it can be read by the computer, and your box pops open. It’s quite cool. I use it here in Denver because one of the locker locations is the Whole Foods store that is only a couple of blocks from my house. I’m tellin’ ya. What will Amazon think of next?

You Don’t Scare Me
A while back, I bought a spray bottle into which I put some bleach mixed with water. The purpose is to use on cutting boards or my counter tops when I am cooking with chicken or pork. I wanted to make sure that no one accidentally saw the bottle and thought it was simply water and sprayed it on something that could be easily ruined by bleach. So I drew a picture on the bottle indicating the danger of the contents. I pulled it out the other day to clean my cutting board, and laughed when I saw my drawing…..

It looks like Mr. Potato Head with sharp teeth. The art gene passed me by, I’m afraid.

I was looking at garden plants the other day when I heard a familiar voice talking to someone standing near me. I looked over and spotted a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. This led to that, and we began talking about garden plants. She began excitedly telling me about something she used last summer for her tomatoes. It’s designed for growing vegetables on your patio, and makes watering them easy and more efficient. The idea is that you can’t overwater. I bit, and bought one for myself. It’s success is yet to be seen, but I’m telling you that she could advertise for them. She claims that her tomato plants were taller than she, and full of healthy tomatoes. No tomato rot on the bottom. We’ll see.

Music for the Soul
I got an email from Jll the other day telling me about all of her kids’ remaining activities for the school year. Last night was a band concert for two of their kids. Unfortunately, the concerts are at two different schools. Dagny’s concert is at her middle school, where she will play her saxophone. In the meantime, Maggie Faith will be performing in her concert at her elementary school. Which one should we attend, we asked ourselves. Jll had the easy answer: Go to Maggie’s. It’s shorter and closer. Done and done. She claims to only have gotten her music Tuesday afternoon, so I’m not sure how stellar her clarinet playing will be. I told her just move her fingers and pretend to blow. Is that cheating?…..

Maggie and her fellow clarinetists. She is third from left.


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  1. You’ll have to keep us updated on the new tomato planter. Although a tomato plant growing as big as she said is a scary thought!

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