It’s Hot, and This Time I’m Not Talking About Food

Yesterday morning just a little past 6, my phone dinged, indicating a text message. That’s about the time my brother usually texts me, but this time it wasn’t him. I was surprised to see it was from my daughter-in-law Jll, who doesn’t generally text me at 6 in the morning. It’s not that she doesn’t know that I’m up and about bright and early. It’s that she is busy getting four kids off to school and scarcely has time to think, much less text.

But her text message said this: Holy cow! Is it really going to be 97 degrees there today? Time to come home.

And it was true. The temperature had been inching up bit by bit the past few days. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, it reached its high of 97. Dangerously close to 100 my friends. And lest you have forgotten, it’s April. Midwesterners have been shoveling snow. But, indeed, we are coming back to Denver – where the temperature was 70 — very soon.

I don’t really mind that it’s getting hot because I don’t have months and months of 115 degree temperature to anticipate. Those who stay here do plenty of kvetching when the temperatures start creeping up, and I don’t blame them a bit. The temps don’t start falling again until October, so it’s a long, hot haul.

Still, though it reached 97 yesterday afternoon, it was lovely outside in the morning. In fact, I sat outside on our patio and drank my coffee around 6:30, and was a bit chilly. I knew that enjoying our evening cocktail outdoors would fall into question, so I elected to get my outdoors fix in the A.M. An ice cold martini tastes almost as good sitting in my easy chair where the air conditioner is running as it does on the patio when even the birds are seeking shade. And we simply haven’t really been able to crack the code on how to bring some shade into our backyard. Bill has made several attempts, but he hasn’t been highly successful. Yesterday morning he called me out outside around 8 and pointed out that if we are happy sitting in the middle of our yard instead of the patio, there was about a 4 ft. by 4 ft. area of shade. This could be us…..

While April showers bring May flowers to much of the country, the lack of April showers doesn’t seem to bother the flowers here in the Valley of the Sun. One of my favorite times of the spring is when the Palo Verde trees start to bloom. The blossoms remind me of forsythia, a springtime flower that I have at home but always miss because it’s done blooming by May. They are abundant throughout the area…..

Our sunny patio helps us keep the critters at bay, so I don’t complain that much. Scorpions apparently seek out cooler temperatures and moister conditions. We have nothing but sun on both sides of our house, so this discourages their unwelcome visits. If I could speak Scorpionese, I would ask them why they choose to live in the desert when they prefer cooler conditions. But they would probably respond that they have been around for 400 million years, so they ain’t going to change their habits now.

Bill and I spent the afternoon indoors where it was nice and cool. We watched the movie Dunkirk, which we rented from Amazon. About a third of the way in, we finally gave in and turned on closed captioning. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, but what there was sounded like a foreign language. It was tough enough when it was the English soldiers speaking, but when the Scots started in, well, it was next to impossible. Bill might have Scottish blood, but that doesn’t mean he can understand what they say.

By the way, I suspect that Jll was using our hot weather as an excuse to get us to return to Denver soon. Our children miss us, not the least of which is that we provide another house for their kids to visit. I suspect it’s nice for her to have the option to send Alastair off on his bike to Nana’s and Papa’s house when he has poked Maggie Faith one time too many. We’ll be home in a few weeks kids!

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